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We are awesome: Probably just a year after the German version of this little website hit the 1000 review count the English version finally managed to do so as well! Which once again proves that I will most likely never be able to translate the more than 60 reviews still missing... Nonetheless, this is a reason to celebrate: By continuing to write reviews. There is really nothing special happening here. So... why are you still here? Ok, this is at least a good opportunity to thank the handful of readers this website has for their support. Despite what I believed before a like on Facebook or Twitter is quite a motivating boost, so feel free to do so. See you when we hit the 2000! Probably in ten years at best...
"Train to Busan": Actually, the buzz around this movie is already old news, but I need to share the official trailer (English subtitles can be switched on) to this zombie-apocalypse movie which will hit Korean cinemas July, 20th. A man, played by Gong Yoo ("The Suspect"), needs to protect his daughter on a train to Busan while the world falls victim to a zombie virus. Ma Dong-seok ("The Five") can be seen in a supporting role and he probably will steal the show again. Zombie flicks are almost a thing of the past again, or at least the major hype has died down, but the trailer to this first live-action movie by director Yeon Sang-ho, who already gave us the animation movie "King of Pigs", just looks awesome.
"Memories of the Sword": The first pictures of Korea's latest attempt at a wuxia flick look pretty good! Lee Byung-hun ("Masquerade") plays Deok-gi, who after a riot with his two friends betrays them, leading to one of them meeting her death. The friend who survives, played by Jeon Do-yeon ("The Housemaid"), vows to get her revenge and teaches her daughter, embodied by Kim Go-eun ("A Muse"), the art of sword fighting for her to take revenge eighteen years later on Deok-gi, who has now become the most powerful man in the country. There is a teaser online now.
"The Piper": The fantasy-horror flick "The Piper" aka "The Guest" impresses with a trailer that promises horror working on a more demanding level than your usual vengeful ghost with long hair. After the Korean War a father and his son end up in a remote village, but the villagers turn out to be everything but normal. With Ryoo Seung-ryong ("The Target", "War of the Arrows") in the lead there shouldn't go anything wrong. Interestingly enough, there even is an English subtitled trailer.
"SPL 2": We waited long enough for a sequel-in-name to the great "SPL". You should still keep your expectations low I would advise because you never know what to get from director Cheang Pou-Soi (see the great "Dog Bite Dog" or the poor "Monkey King"). Still, the cast is led by Tony Jaa ("Tom Yum Goong") and Wu Jing ("Invisible Target") which should equal awesome martial arts. Oh, and there is also Simon Yam and Louis Koo... A trailer is finally out, too. Movie opens in China summer this year.
"Helios": A mobile nuclear bomb was stolen from North Korea and is about to be sold in Hong Kong. But Hong Kong, Chinese and South Korean police forces do everything in their power to track down the bomb. The cast includes Chang Chen ("Brotherhood of Blades") as a terrorist and Nick Cheung ("Unbeatable"), Shawn Yue, Janice Man as well as Wang Xueqi and Korean actors Ji Jin-hee ("Soo") and Choi Si-won ("Battle of Wits"). Directors Longman Leung and Sunny Luk kind of delivered decent work with "Cold War", so this should be interesting. Release date in Hong Kong is 30th April, 2015. Trailer is out now.
"The Crossing": John Woo ("Hard Boiled") is back! This time he wants to prove with an epic story, which spans several decades of tumultuous Chinese history and revolves around the sinking of the "Taiping" steamer in 1949, that he is also capable of making a romantic movie. The trailer with comments by him stands out with wonderful cinematography and promises that this will be a true blockbuster. The cast includes Zhang Ziyi ("The Grandmaster"), Takeshi Kaneshiro ("Wu Xia") and Song Hye-kyo ("A Reason to Live"). Release date in China is 02/12/2014.
"Kung Fu Jungle": Donnie Yen ("Special ID") plays a martial arts master, who by accident commits murder and since that day is imprisoned. When a killer, played by Wang Baoqiang ("Lost in Thailand"), kills his victims by using different kung fu techniques, the imprisoned man is asked for help. Looking at the trailer you can expect a good mix of martial arts and a gritty HK thriller. The movie is directed by Teddy Chan ("Bodyguards and Assassins"), release date in Hong Kong is 30/10/2014.
"Parasyte": Takashi Yamazaki ("Returner") adapts the sci-fi/horror manga "Parasyte" for the big screen as a two-parter. The first part will be be released in Japanese cinemas on 29/11/2014 and the trailer looks creepy as well as funny. Shota Sometani ("Himizu") plays a guy, who finds himself confronted with a world in which parasytes from outer space take over humans. Together with his own parasyte he tries to save mankind.
"The World of Kanako": Tetsuya Nakashima ("Confessions", "Memories of Matsuko") is back with a new movie! After his daughter has disappeared an ex-detective, played by Koji Yakusho ("13 Assassins"), investigates the life of the young girl and finds out that he didn't know much about her. The trailer promises an epic genre mix that certainly wouldn't work out in the hands of any other director than Nakashima. Expect socio-critical commentary and great entertainment. Set to be released in Japan on July 4, 2014.
"Monsterz": Hideo Nakata ("Dark Water") takes a break from horror movies and delivers a fine looking thriller, although there are still some horror elements to be made out. "Monsterz" is actually a remake of the South Korean thriller "Haunters", but looks a lot better. Fujiwara Tatsuya ("Shield of Straw") plays a man who can control others just by looking at them. Then one day he runs into a man (Yamada Takayuki), who has just the same ability. Don't miss the trailer!
"The Monkey King": Ok, so there has been a teaser trailer for a while already, but now a new trailer has been released which is totally over-the-top. We can just wait and see whether this is just a forgettable CGI-loaden action piece or maybe a great fantasy movie. Director Cheang Pou-Soi ("Accident", "Dog Bite Dog") is actually quite capable and Donnie Yen ("SPL") as the Monkey King and Chow Yun-Fat ("The Last Tycoon") as his opponent are also a nice choice for the cast. The original story "Journey to the West" is great movie material, too. Movie is set to be released across Chinese theaters February, 2nd.
"The Raid 2 - Berandal": News update to Gareth Evans sequel to "The Raid". There is a new official trailer with English subtitles! Release date will be March, 28th.
"The Suspect": We are a bit late on the news again. Here is a promising nice action thriller from director Won Shin-yeon ("Seven Days"). In the lead role is Gong Yoo ("Silenced") as a North Korean spy who while in the South finds out that his family has been murdered by his North Korean fellows. The movie looks a bit like "The Berlin File" and the trailer promises some equally slick action. "The Suspect" hit Korean screens end of last month, a DVD should be released soon enough.
"Rurouni Kenshin Sequels": Takeru Sato returns as the legendary assassin of the manga and anime "Rurouni Kenshin". There will be two sequels released next summer called "The Great Kyoto Fire Arc” and “The End of a Legend Arc”, which will deal with the great Kyoto arc, meaning that we will finally see Shishio Makoto, who is played by Tatsuya Fujiwara ("Death Note", "Kaiji"), an experienced actor when it comes to manga adaptions. Yes, we are excited and you should be too. Here's a teaser trailer to show you why.
"Hwayi": We are usually a little bit late with our news on this site, but this promising action-thriller drama has already been released across Korean theaters in October. DVD should be out soon. The movie is about a group of five killers who kidnap a baby and raise it to be a lethal killer. Kim Yun-Seok ("Punch") plays the gang's leader and the movie is directed by Jang Joon-Hwan ("Save the Green Planet"). There is an English subtitled trailer for you to form your own opinion.
"The Raid 2: Berandal": There is finally a teaser trailer for the sequel to Indonesian action surprise hit "The Raid" by director Gareth Evans. Release date is sometime in the first quarter of 2014. Police officer Rama (Iko Uwais) has to fight the Indonesian mafia and the yakuza in what will certainly be some awesome display of martial arts.
"Police Story 2013": Jackie Chan gets older and his Police Story series becomes grittier with every installment. This new entry is unrelated to any former movies and is directed by Ding Sheng ("Litte Big Soldier"). It also stars Liu Ye ("Connected"). The movie will hit Hong Kong screens 24th December, 2013. Here's the trailer to whet your appetite.
"Firestorm": Andy Lau goes to war with a band of high-profile criminals that threaten to take over the streets of Hong Kong after a heist. The story may not sound like much, but this 20 Mio. dollar production promises lots of action and explosions on an epic scale. Also, it's the first Hong Kong police film in 3D, for those who care. Watch the trailer for an adrenaline-loaden preview of what to expect. Movie is due to release in Hong Kong cinemas December 2013.
"The X": There is a trailer out for Kim Ji-woon's ("I Saw the Devil") new 30-minutes short film being released in Korea this month. The plot revolves around a man who is supposed to deliver a bag, but finds a dead body at the location. His fiancé turns up, takes the bag and leaves him supposedly dead. Now he is after her and tries to solve the mystery. The cast features Kang Dong-won ("Secret Reunion") as X and Shin Min-a ("The Naked Kitchen") as his fiancé. Watch the trailer.
"Inferno 3D": Qualitywise the Pang Brothers' movie output did become worse long before "The Storm Warriors", but this is supposed to become a thing of the past with their new project, a desaster movie. With impressive pyrotechnics as well as cgi-effects, which don't seem to be that convincing all of the time, the movie seems to compete with the Korean blockbuster "The Tower". On board of the cast are Lau Ching Wan and Louis Koo. Take a look at the trailer.
"Special ID": Donnie Yen ("Ip Man") is unstoppable. Although hitting his 50s today he can be seen in almost every other Hong Kong movie these days. Now comes a new hard-hitting action movie to the screen in which he plays a cop who has infiltrated a gangster organisation along with some colleagues until their cover gets blown one after the other. Watch the trailer and be in awe about Yen's willful ignorance of his age. Release date in China is 3rd October, 2013.
"Rigor Mortis": Every Hong Kong movie enthusiast should still remember the hopping vampires from the "Mr. Vampire" series. Now former actor Juno Mak ("Revenge: A Love Story") directs a homage with "The Grudge" director Shimizu Takashi involved in the production. Surprisingly the horror movie looks very dark and creepy featuring some pretty nice special effects and cinematography if you can believe the trailer. Beware, though: The trailer is rather eerie and a bit bloody. Yet set to be released.
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