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"Secretly Greatly": The movie everyone is talking about at the moment since it is from the director who brought us the highly acclaimed "Bedevilled". Kim Soo-hyeon ("The Thieves") plays a North Korean spy who acts as a village idiot in a rural town until one day he is reactived. There is a trailer with English subs. Let's just hope this genre mix works out, as it surely looks interesting. Already playing in Korean cinemas.
"Cold Eyes": In this surveillance thriller Jeong Woo-seong ("Season of Good Rain") plays the villain for the first time in his career while Seol Kyeong-gu ("The Tower") plays his opponent in a special police force. Also featured in the cast is Han Hyo-joo ("Always"). Co-Director Jo Eui-seok already delivered a neat genre entry with "World of Silence". Trailer looks nice too. Release date in Korea is 03/07/'13.
"Unbeatable": The newest movie by Dante Lam ("The Viral Factor") centers around 40 year old Fai (Nick Cheung) who has huge debts and hasn't always made the right choices in life. Working at a gym he starts to train Qi (Eddie Peng), whose father's business has gone bankrupt, for an MMA tournament. At the same time Fai rediscovers his passion for fighting and starts to build family bonds with Gwen, who suffers from mental illness, and her little daughter. Trailer looks great with a good amount of drama. Could be Lam's best movie in years.
"The Flu": After illegal immigrants are smuggled into the country an unknown virus brings chaos and panic to a suburb of Seoul. The government soon sees no other option than to shut off the suburbs immediately, before even more residents show deadly symptoms. Among the people trying to survive this outbreak are also Ji-goo (Jang Hyeok) and In-hae (Soo-ae). Looks like a true summer blockbuster by director Kim Seong-su ("Musa"). Trailer doesn't disappoint. Release date in Korea is 15/08/'13.
"Iceman 3D": This remake of "The Iceman Cometh" features Donnie Yen in the leading role and comes along with some over-the-top action. Said to be released as two movies in spring 2014 it centers around a general from the Ming Dynasty who time-travels to the present by accident. Also included in the cast: Huang Sheng-Yi, Simon Yam and Daniel Wu. Here's the trailer.
"The White Storm": Benny Chan, known for his high-octane action movies "New Police Story" or "Invisible Target", is now filming a cop thriller around a drug lord, who may be a former cop everyone believes to be dead. Trailer looks good and since the cast includes Lau Ching-Wan, Louis Koo and Nick Cheung there can't get that much wrong. Set to be screened at the end of 2013.
"Blind Detective": Andy Lau and Sammi Cheng pair up again for a movie. Even more interesting is the name of the movie's director: Johnnie To! Lau plays a detective who has quit his job after turning blind and is now solving cold cases. As usual with To's work the trailer looks very promising. It should hit Hong Kong theaters July 4th.
"Chinese Visual Festival": An interesting movie festival for all UK-residents. Chinese short films, documentaries and art films will be screened From May 8th – June 12th at King’s College. There will also be an art exhibition and arist talk, as well as directors in attenandance and concert performances. For more info visit the official site.
"Running Man": In this fast-paced action movie Shin Ha-kyun is chased by different parties after his taxi customer turns up dead. Trailer seems to guarantee some neat entertainment and original action sequences. Release date is April, 4th. So let's be patient for the DVD to come out. Might be worth waiting for.
"Fist of Legend": Sharing the name with one of the best martial arts movies ever made this Korean fight movie centers around a group of guys who participate in a televised MMA-like tournament. Hwang Jeong-min ("Moby Dick"), Yoo Joon-sang and Yoon Je-moon in maybe their most physical demanding roles to date. A hard-hitting action movie that looks a little bit different and may become more than just a genre treat. Coming to Korean theatres May, 11th. Here is a trailer for those interested.
"Switch": Andy Lau is back in this over-the-top action thriller. The film is shot at international locations and parallels to "James Bond" or "Mission Impossible" certainly aren't accidentally. Let's just hope that the story revolving around a famous national treasure that has to be recovered from the hands of Western businessmen will deliver more than we are used to see from this kind of blockbuster entertainment. There is a teaser and a trailer for your enjoyment.
"The New World": In this crime thriller an undercover cop, played by Lee Jung-jae ("Typhoon"), tries to take down a gang organization and finds himself in a power struggle between different parties. The cast also includes Choi Min-sik ("Nameless Gangster") and Hwang Jeong-min ("The Unjust"). Watch the trailer to whet your appetite. The movie will hit screens in Korea on 21st February, 2013.
"The Berlin File": This action thriller apparently has it all. At least a good amount of action and a stellar cast including Ha Jeong-woo ("The Yellow Sea"), Han Seok-kyu ("Christmas in August"), Jeon Ji-hyun ("My Sassy Girl") and Ryoo Seung-beom ("Arahan") while his brother Ryoo Seung-wan ("City of Violence") is responsible for directing the movie. There is finally a trailer available as well as a teaser with English subtitles.