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A nice writing-style and a good school grade system will make you visit this site often. Sadly, there haven't been any updates for quite a while...

Alex in Wonderland
Apart from numerous reviews of asian movies, this extraordinary website also offers tests of Hollywood-Blockbusters, video games and interesting artwork and photos of the website's owner.


Asian Movies Catalogue with ratings, cited reviews and links to more in-depth information as well as actor/actress info pages. A pretty handy site!

Formerly known as "", the site is already present for some years. Detailed and numerous reviews, clearly make the site a commendation.

Nice site in english and chinese, which besides reviews and DVD-Tests also offers interesting interviews and star infos.

City on Fire
An impressive comic-like look and excellent humor make this site a special treat. Oh yeah, and there is also a whole bunch of detailed reviews.

Eastern Film Fans

Aside from reviews this site also features some very interesting interviews. Check it out.

Far East Films
Great site, which is in business for already some years. With a gigantic review-archive and several articles this site formerly known as Dragon's Den UK always attracts new and regular readers.

Heroic Cinema
A huge database of well written reviews and a forum make this regularly updated site the number 1 of Australia when it comes to asian movie reviews.

Hkfilm Lots of reviews of Hong Kong movies, and the site still gets updated frequently. Additionally, there are some cool extras like pictures, music and video game reviews to be found here.

Hong Kong Cinemagic
Impressive database with infos and pictures for numerous HK-movies. Moreover, you'll find interviews, biographies, news and reviews. In English and French.

Good site with a neat and transparent layout that features not only asian-related reviews, but also takes a closer look at Anime- and japanese Drama-series. Formerly known as

Fans of Korean Cinema shouldn't look any further. Interesting reviews, great biographies, interviews and nice articles will make you a daily visitor for sure.

Korean Grindhouse
An onlie Fan-zine in blog-form about korean movies. A nice writing style makes this site look promising!

A good site that specialized on Kung Fu movies. But apart from that, other movies and even video games made their way on the site. For martial arts fans!

Very nice site which apart from reviews also offers DVD-tests and news. Additionally, there is a forum, trailers and several articles that make it a pleasure to come by often.

The number one, when it comes to Hong Kong movies! The site offers a tremendous archive, and meanwhile even movies of other Asian countries are tested.

Modern Korean Cinema !NEW!
In-depth articles, news, box office and festival info as well as reviews all concerning Korean cinema are the assets of this very nice blog.

This Singapore-based site features lots of news, trailers, articles and of course reviews about movies in general, not only asian ones. They also have their own eStore, so check it out!

New Korean Cinema
The site's review list might yet be quite small, but well-written articles by one of the former writers of KFCcinema make this worth a visit.

Seen in Jeonju Fantastic blog with reviews, interviews, trailers, director info and lots more. You shouldn't miss this one, if you are a fan of Korean cinema.
This page offers a good asian movie category with very well-written reviews. Too bad that it is updated rather irregularly. But hey, it's a site about Shu Qi in the first place!

Snowblood Apple
Recommendable site, which focuses on asian horror movies and thrillers. Particularly protruding, are the numerous screen-caps.

Nice page, which offers quite a lot of (short-)reviews about Hong Kong movies.
This is THE site to go, if you want to get some reviews on asian TV shows. The site also features some movie reviews and offers a great trailer section.

This site focuses on reviewing TV shows, mostly TBV productions. Definitely worth checking out if you are interested in asian TV shows.


Covering "strange cinema", as they say, this site also features a lot of well-written reviews to Asian movies. A well-structured and clear layout will also make you want to check back often.


Up-to-date news about asian, independent and horror movies. Updates are even on a daily basis!

Here you'll get news about asian cinema, TV-series and music, as well as other useful infos. Reviews and numerous pictures of Asian Stars make this site very recommendable.


This site is for all of you into horror and exploitation. Lots of reviews, also covering some Asian movies, of course.

Your definite source for everything concerning korean cinema. Lots of pictures, news, filmographies and links provide you with all you might want to know about korean movies and dramas.

International Movie Database. Here you can quickly find filmographies etc.