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Original Title:
Yeogo goedam 4: Moksori

South Korea 2005

Lee Byeong-hun

Voice - OST
aka Voice Letter aka Whispering Corridors 4

Review: It's truely impressive. After the very disappointing third part of the "Whispering Corridors" series, the fourth part with the title "Voice", aka "Voice Letter", doesn't just convince in cinematic terms, but is also presented with a wonderfully melodic soundtrack, which compositions are all influenced by classic music, and which still also doesn't lack the necessary creepy factor, if it has to. When listening to the CD you will soon find out that the tracks actually would give you the chills, if it weren't for the beautifully melancholic and at times even dreamy pieces mixed in, which as a whole make the soundtrack a very nicely done listening experience. Heavy and somber cello tunes can be found as well as some sung titles or some eerie piano pieces. There is a lot more to "Voice" as a soundtrack than we might expect at first. Therefore, it shouldn't surprise you when I say that this CD is argueably one of the best horror scores out there!

Even "Voice" already enchants the listener with its creepy melody, which is sung by a girl's voice. In the background you hear the wind blowing through a corridor, while the melody itself becomes more and more eerie because of its crystal-clear character. Following is "Fantasy", which starts off with discordant horror sounds, that are accompanied by dissonant sounding strings, until eventually a piano interrupts the horror atmosphere and makes this track a whole lot more peaceful. However, there is still something mysterious and sad about this song until it fades out.
"O Sacrum Convivium" is introduced by dark cello sounds, up to that time that a nice girl's voice, accompanied by a piano and a small choir, sings this wonderful and also saddening piece. One of the best titles of the OST, which has also been pressed onto the CD in a cello version, that sounds a lot more gloomy and tragic, of course.
"Voice III" hasn't got its name without a reason. The song is presented by a girl's voice, again supported by a piano, naturally. This title is depressing and somber, and yet there is something beautiful about it.

"Fear" comes as one of those typical horror film background scores. It puts much emphasize on creating some atmosphere, without having a certain motif standing in the focus. Nonetheless, this track can certainly become quite appealing, thanks to dark sounds, that always create the feeling of something just crawling over the floor. The same goes for "Fear II", which creepy background noise somehow awakens the association of a spider, while dull bell sounds from a synthesizer, and creaky sounds complete the eerie wall of sound. "Elevator III" is the last of those pure horror tracks of the CD, and stands out with a modest, but nerve-racking motif, which yet has something flowing in its core, rising in tension every now and then, only to shift back to more calm tunes shortly after.
"Silence III" doesn't fully fit into the category of horror-tracks, as apart from the rising sound of wind blowing, there is just a reserved piano playing a depressing tune, which, however, doesn't seem to be fully elaborated, resp. seems a bit simple. In "Silence I", this slightly dissonant melody is sung by a girl's voice, while in "Silence II" the tune finally gets some more color by a piano which bestows something clear and melancholic upon the melody.

"Romance" represents one of the highlights. A fantastic and mourning melody is sung by a girl in spanish, whereas she gets supported by some nice piano play. A great title, which can also be found as a pure piano piece on the CD. "Death" on the other hand is a very sad and emotional piano-piece, which actually might not sound that somber, yet always has something depressing about it. A very nice piece, which is then superseded by "Cello", a title which, who would have thought, is played by a cello. This song is once again pretty sad, and the deep cello sounds in the background underline this sorrow pretty good.
For most part "Voice I" stands as a typical horror flick track with its moody sounds, if it weren't for the humming of a girl, which somehow sounds as if the singer had been tainted by evil. Therefore, this is s horror track, that has a lot of style and will send shivers down your spine.

"Fantasy I" is a nice cello track with dull and dark sounds, which just excellently puts the special character and strength of the instrument in the foreground. "Voice XX", however, again features the singing of a girl that has gone mad out of horror.
Furthermore, there is also a hidden bonus track, which comes with a nice beat in the background and a creepy melody, sung by a girl again, of course. The CD's ending is marked by the classic "Green sleeves", which everyone should be familiar with. The song is carried by a whole girl's choir and proves to be a very good version of this popular song. Besides, the title also fits just perfectly onto the CD in terms of mood and tone.
It's rare that the soundtrack for a horror film can win you over with so many touching and beautiful melodies as the OST to "Voice" does. If you have watched the movie, you certainly already were impressed by the extraordinarily well done music. Personally, I like this soundtrack even more than the score to "Memento Mori", but it's just not enough the earn a better rating than latter mentioned. Still, this is a CD that no one who likes creepy, classical and melodic songs should miss!

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Track listing

01. Voice
02. Fantasy I
03. O Sacrum
      Convivium (Vocal)
04. Voice III
05. Fear I
06. Romance (Vocal)
07. O Sacrum
      Convivium (Cello)
08. Silence III
09. Elevator III
10. Death
11. Cello
12. Voice I
13. Fear II
14. Silence I
15. Fantasy II - Mr
      De Sainte Colombe
16. Romance (Piano)
17. Voice XX
18. Silence II
19. Green Sleeves (Vocal)

Running Time = 38:24

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