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Original Title:
Nuga geunyeo-wa jasseulkka?

South Korea 2006


Kim Yu-seong

Kim Sa-rang
Ha Seok-jin
Park Jun-gyu
Ha Dong-hoon
Lee Hyeok-jae
Shin Hyeon-jun
Shin Yi
Ahn Seon-yeong
Baek Il-seob
Kim Won-hie
Lee Ju-shil
Lim Hyeong-jun
Park Cheol-min
Yu Chae-yeong

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Sexy Teacher

aka Hot for Teacher

aka Who Slept With Her?

Story: For about a month Uhm Ji-young (Kim Sa-rang) will be the new french teacher at an boys' school. However, students can't concentrate on their studies or during lesson as Ji-young is incredibly hot. There are three especially lucky guys: Tae-yo (Ha Seok-jin), who up until now managed to get any woman he wants in about a few minutes, Jae-seong (Park Jun-gyu), who because of a wrong medical treatment aged prematurely, and Myong-sub (Ha Dong-hoon), a little trouble maker. They are chosen to prepare the annual school festival with Ji-young. Furthermore, the french teacher plans to break with traditions and bring a different dance performance on stage, which most likely will not be according to the likes of the catholic principal.
Naturally, the three guys, every one in his own way, try to make a pass at Uhm, but they have to be careful as the student's worst nightmare, overseer Cha (Lee Hyeok-jae), who really has a thing for bullying his students, keeps an eye on the new teacher and the three students. He only allows order and discipline at his school. However, as things go, it seems that he also starts to fall under Uhm's charming spell, and thus out of jealousy makes his student's life a living hell.

Review: "Sexy Teacher" inevitably has to remind you of hits like "Sex is Zero". Fans of "American Pie" will also get their fair share, as the movie really knows how to make the male audience drool. Actress Kim Sa-rang is extremely sexy and the director really knows how to make this play out to the movie's favor. Of course, the male viewer with some intellect will feel a little bit offended by the movie's obvious manipulative way of gaining the male audience's attention, but it still works out... However, as for this review, the writer will try to stay as objective as possible, if that's actually accomplishable, as this critic is also just a man...
Nevertheless, it's a fact that "Sexy Teacher" is surprisingly entertaining and has some nice jokes up its sleeve.

The movie starts off with with a little dance sequence. Even worse including some swing music. This is really not something you can win me over with. Nonetheless, the introduction already leaves no doubt about the fact that the filmmakers want to sell Kim Sa-rang's magnificent body as good as possible. And they do a fine job with that.
Shortly after the stage performance, we watch the new teacher getting away with some other guy. They have a night of pleasure, but who is that unknown man that she slept with?
The rest of the movie is told in a single flashback. Interestingly enough director Kim Yu-seong manages to bestow the film with a certain kind of charm, which is also thanks to the always welcome school setting. The rest proves as entertaining as the first part. One after another, episode-like, we are introduced to the three guys, who are all possible culprits in the eyes of school overseer "Slanted-Eyes/Cha". Of course, the movie doesn't lack ambiguous scenes, and so the film all in all successfully juggles with what's it all about: sex.

It's surprising how funny this flick can be at times. Sure, most jokes tend to aim somewhere below the waistline, especially when it comes to Jae-song, whose equipment is extraordinarily big, because of a drug treating incident. But most of all, the characters, mainly side character Slanted Eyes, add a lot of charm to the movie and provide scenes, that can actually make you laugh out loud. To give credit where credit is due, you don't see all the jokes coming minutes beforehand, so that you really get surprised by the very well done situational comedy. Therefore, it's even the more sad, that towards the end "Sexy Teacher" loses some of that wit and delivers only a few jokes then. Somehow you get the feeling that the film loses some of its momentum, and it would have been so easy to avoid this simply by shortening the running time a bit. It really wouldn't have hurt the film.

You might come to think that a movie which mainly wants to "sell" Kim Sa-rang, also makes her the lead actress or center of interest. But apparently that's not the case. Kim's character is very flat and sometimes you even have to wonder about the carefree manner in which she flirts with her students and wraps them round her finger. What does she want from them? In the end, it seems that she just wants to play with them. That's truelly a cruel thing to do with such hormone-driven guys, and so she just can't win over our sympathy. But then again she doesn't need to, as long as she looks great.
The three guys are the movie's true main leads, and even though everyone of them shines with some distinctive character traits you shouldn't expect any complex individuals here. Only Park Jun-gyu ("Jakarta") gives an outstanding performance, especially since his character gets more depth thanks to a nicely inserted background story.

We get a colorful and joyful atmosphere, and a chaotic one at that, without the film getting too wacky. There are some nice little cameo appearances by Shin Hyeon-jun, who has to bear a good joke about his nose, and Shin Yi, who also adds to the movie's entertainment qualities.
However, "Sexy Teacher" gets less interesting towards the end and the finale itself isn't that breathtaking either. With a little bit more finesse it would have been possible to make something more special out from this flick. In fact, I even considered giving this comedy a better rating, since the jokes are really well-made even if they are also a bit dumb at times. Sure, this movie is made for men or male teenagers I should say, and therefore has been produced according to the motto "sex sells". Fortunately, the filmmakers also paid some attention on making an entertaining comedy, which, however, just so happens to lack the final touches.

As for as I'm concerned, I think "Sexy Teacher" is superior to "Sex is Zero", as it has less caddish jokes, and just misses a better rating, because of the weaknesses towards the end. Still, this is a recommendable flick for fans of comedies. And for some men, Kim Sa-rang will be enough reason to watch this movie, anyway...

(Author: Manfred Selzer)
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